It is a privilege to serve the family of Grace Community Church in Flagstaff as their pastor. It’s an even greater joy to be married to my sweetheart, Laurie. But the greatest thing is that I get to be called a child of God.  So, to live in the grace that He has given me while being a husband and pastor is the life I’m given and the life I love.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. ezequiel

    hello pastor Mark, my name is Ezequiel cruz, Son of Roberto Cruz, and it is a blessing to read your lessons, thank you for your prayers and love for our family,the smith family has a very special place in our hearts. we remember all the love and support your father and mom gave to my parents. as you probably know we are pastoring in Ures, Mexico. we would love to get in contact with you there is a lot we can learn from you and hope we can work together. it is awesome that you are in Az. hope to get to see you soon . our Love and prayers to you God richly bless you

  2. Dear Friend,

    Recently I was reading the Pursuit of God by AW Tozer and at the end he describes being filled with the Spirit. It seems that while I was reading it I started to experience what he was describing. This is really new to me thinking about him and being aware of him all the time. I don’t know anyone else with this experience and am interested in talking to someone who knows about.

    thank you,
    Mark Armstrong

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