Grace Group to Mexico

This past week we spent a couple of days with our Grace Group helping Casa de Elizabeth orphanage in Imuris, Mexico.  Our church helps this particular orphanage by not just giving some financial help, but by praying for them and occasionally going to help out with some real practical needs.  #GraceGives


ImageLast summer a group went and we painted the outside white. Looks great with the finished trim work done since then.



This is the small group (minus the beautiful photographer…see below) that did some painting, electrical work, hung curtains and prepared a couple of meals for the kids and staff.



Great job, team.  Loved working alongside each of you!



Headed Home



It’s been a great few days in Bangkok.  We were able to worship with Molly on Sunday morning; then spent time with her at the school on Monday.  Molly is doing great with language school and working in the ministry at Word Made Flesh as she’s able. We met her kids and coworkers as we got to tour the Community Center. It was so nice to have lots of time to visit and catch up.  I think we were all mutually encouraged.  One of the highlights was presenting the kids with the supplies that Grace sent over, including ipads for the classroom!  Great job Grace! Your generosity is a huge blessing.Newspring BangkokGreat to be with Molly at her church in Bangkok on Sunday morning.

BangkokWe are getting ready to go to bed. Tomorrow morning we leave early for the airport and the beginning of our long journey home.  Thanks again for your prayers.



Snowy Flagstaff

It’s Monday morning and we’re soon on our way to the pastor’s conference to begin the teaching today through Thursday.  Yesterday we were able to visit another of the Children’s homes of Bahn Immanuel.  The young man that leads it was raised in the first one and now married with two kids is running a home in a small village not far from town.

I woke up early to see several messages on my phone.  The big snow has arrived in Flagstaff causing a few changes.  I’ve been thinking of you all and praying for you as the day is winding down for you.  Grateful for Laurie’s family visiting and helping her out in my absence.  Who doesn’t want to run a snowblower while vacationing on Spring Break?  Yikers.

Thanks for praying for us as we travel today and begin the conference.  I hope to check in this evening.

Day One in Thailand

We arrived in Bangkok at 5:30 am Saturday. Now it’s 6:30 pm, and I’m a little anxious for bedtime. The plane was very nice, so no complaining, but I’m looking forward to a bed. I won’t even count the hours. Glad to be here in Chiang Rai for a couple of days before the conference starts. Honey, look what I had for lunch!

It was a privilege to meet up with Ron Miller at Baan Immanuel here in the city.  It’s a wonderful children’s home.  I was very impressed with what the Lord has done in this place!

The guys are waiting for me, so I’ll post more later.  Thanks for your prayers, I’m very thankful to the Lord for safe travels and good health! #T2RS