Grace Group to Mexico

This past week we spent a couple of days with our Grace Group helping Casa de Elizabeth orphanage in Imuris, Mexico.  Our church helps this particular orphanage by not just giving some financial help, but by praying for them and occasionally going to help out with some real practical needs.  #GraceGives


ImageLast summer a group went and we painted the outside white. Looks great with the finished trim work done since then.



This is the small group (minus the beautiful photographer…see below) that did some painting, electrical work, hung curtains and prepared a couple of meals for the kids and staff.



Great job, team.  Loved working alongside each of you!



Praying for what matters

I’ve noticed whenever I’m asked to pray for someone or for some event, it’s because it really matters.  We don’t ask for prayer about things we don’t care about, or at least we’re not too concerned about.  Right?

We pray for a job interview, a potential new relationship, a decision to be made, help for the test, for someone’s health issues, we pray for strength, wisdom, and even patience.

Can I invite you to pray for your church and your pastor?

Whatever church you attend, pray today.  This thing we do called ‘church’ is a pretty big deal. We are the church as we are saved and following Christ in our local community.  This is not man’s idea. It’s not some denominational mucky mucks idea. This is God’s church.  We are His people.  And when things seem to be clicking along, the enemy would love nothing more than to take our feet out from underneath us. This can happen through a subtle apathy, or a divisive issue. It can happen when we are too comfortable or too busy. It shows up in gossip as well as good works. Let’s not let the enemy inside our church!

So, as your church follows the Lord’s leading and is teaching the grace of God to the lost as well as to the maturing followers of Christ, let’s pray for God’s protection and blessing. Let’s be a part of the harvest of seeing people trust Jesus with their lives and in obedience, give the Lord first place in everything!  We live right where we do and in the time that we do for a very specific reason.  Therefore, let’s pray. It really matters.

For those that attend Grace, there is a weekly prayer meeting open to everyone. They meet on Sunday mornings at 9:25.  Head to the welcome table and enter through the door right there.  I love that these people are gathering as people are making their way to church. I love that each week prayer is happening in Grace Groups throughout the community.  I love that this matters. So, join me in praying for God’s Word as it goes out tomorrow to His people and those He’s pursuing.

HUGE Sunday Coming!

I say it’s huge, and I guess it really is. It’s huge because we start a new series on an OT guy we know very little about but who passes on an amazing message that we NEED today.
Also, many Grace Groups are beginning this week. This is a huge part of our church family experience at Grace. Many people signed up a couple of weeks ago in the gym. There’s room for more and this week you’ll see the updated list of Grace Groups available.

I’m praying now that you’ll find a place to connect at Grace via the Grace Groups. This is where we discuss and apply the sermon and enjoy doing life together.

I just gotta say this. I’ve been blown away at how many people are at Grace BEFORE we start. Our auditorium is filling up before the 10 am start time. That’s awesome! And that’s all I’ll say.

Can’t wait for Sunday to begin our new study together and our Grace Groups.