HUGE Sunday Coming!

I say it’s huge, and I guess it really is. It’s huge because we start a new series on an OT guy we know very little about but who passes on an amazing message that we NEED today.
Also, many Grace Groups are beginning this week. This is a huge part of our church family experience at Grace. Many people signed up a couple of weeks ago in the gym. There’s room for more and this week you’ll see the updated list of Grace Groups available.

I’m praying now that you’ll find a place to connect at Grace via the Grace Groups. This is where we discuss and apply the sermon and enjoy doing life together.

I just gotta say this. I’ve been blown away at how many people are at Grace BEFORE we start. Our auditorium is filling up before the 10 am start time. That’s awesome! And that’s all I’ll say.

Can’t wait for Sunday to begin our new study together and our Grace Groups.

One thought on “HUGE Sunday Coming!

  1. Duane Jameson

    Look forward to the OT “guy” information. Since I can’t be there I’ll download the sermon when it comes on Itoons. Thanks for all you do and have a wonderful weekend.

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