Thank you, Bekah!

Grace has a wonderful staff of people working to serve our body and the purposes of our church.  This past week we said farewell to Bekah as she devotes more of her time to her Senior year at NAU.

Bekah joined our Grace office staff about three years ago.  Her family has been such an integral part of Grace for a long time.  True to her roots, Bekah has extended grace and kindness to everyone she has touched in our front office. She was the one who likely answered the phone when you called, or welcomed you as you entered.  She has been the one to produce our bulletins and keep all the calendar information flowing as well as a host of other duties critical to the smooth functioning of our church. Bekah, we will really miss you. Thank you for your sweet servant’s heart that clearly reflects Jesus to all as you’ve ministered through our office.

You’ll still see Bekah faithfully serving around Grace. She’s very committed to serving alongside our Children’s Ministry and she is one of the leaders in GSM as well.

Thanks Bekah.

One thought on “Thank you, Bekah!

  1. Duane Jameson

    Best to you Bekah and hope this Senior year for you goes smoothly : ) Appreciated getting the slide show info and all the other items needed for running the computer on the Sunday’s that I ran it. Take care : )

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