Grace in Relationships

Even wonder what makes your best friend your best friend?  Ever stop and think about the people you feel closest to?  How about those you feel safest around?

Yep, it’s probably all the same answer.  I call it ‘grace in relationships’.

We do our best around people who accept us for who we are and are quick to extend grace as we live in our humanness.  These are the same people that love us too much to let us stay in our junk. They’re quick to lend a hand, say a hard thing, speak the truth in love, sit and listen, and talk to the Creator on our behalf.  But always extending grace.

Our biggest struggles seem to be when we’re in the pressure cooker of trying to impress others or always finding ourselves living defensively.   I’m not a relationship expert. I am a follower of Jesus and I rather enjoy watching others around me follow Him too.  As mentioned in church a few weeks ago, we are His masterpiece, and He is working on us.  Listen, just the fact that He’s working on us is evidence of His grace.  He doesn’t give up on us. He doesn’t leave us alone to rot.  He graciously puts us in community so we can see Him and quite frankly, so we can ‘be’ Him.  You see, the church is the body of Christ.  We don’t get that title by staying away or hiding alone. We get that as we assemble ourselves and commit to community.

This week at Grace we’re gonna learn something about the beauty of connecting in our community.  If I were you and was anywhere close to Flagstaff, I’d be at Grace on Sunday.  Just sayin.

One thought on “Grace in Relationships

  1. Debbie Miller

    Mark, if I was anywhere near Flag, I’d come to your church. Enjoy reading your posts.
    You know back all those years ago at TRBC, I connected in Jesus with you and still do. Blessings, Deb

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