Leadership Clues from David

In 1 Samuel 23:1-5, you get 4 great leadership tips in the first 4 verses. At this point in his life, David is “the King w/o a Throne”, or better, “the King on the Run”. When “they” told David about an injustice, we learn just how David took the right actions. You can see some basic principles in leading.

1. Ask God specifically. (v2) What’s up with the “God bless my ministry” or the “God, please, please, please give me direction” kind of vague prayers? David brought the exact need to God. Be specific in what you’re asking for on behalf of those you’re leading. This might be the most convicting part for me.

2. Listen for clarity. (v2) Really, how often do we ask, then cut and run on our own before ever hearing from God? We’d all like to think that God answers within just a few moments, sometimes He does…sometimes not. Wait and listen, for the sake of those you’re serving.

3. Don’t let your followers distract you. (v3) Yep, they have a serious faith issue, but they’re also being honest enough to say, ‘no, we don’t think so’. He didn’t bull his way through without giving them a voice, but neither did he stop short of leading them. The plans didn’t change because of timid followers.

4. Bring fears and doubts to God for confirmation of the call. (v4) This is real life. Stuff happens, doubts, fears, agendas, they all can muffle the voice we thought we heard. Isn’t it great that God allows us…no, He invites us back for the confirmation of the call?

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