Ordinary or Extraordinary

Perhaps there are many ways to distinguish between the ordinary and the extraordinary. Be it with someone’s performance, or someone’s character, or the “new car” versus the old one. Somethings are ordinary, and that’s good. Then there are the extraordinary. When it comes to life, do you want ordinary, or have you considered extraordinary?

I found a definition in Acts 5. (Best to read the chapter, save me writing out a whole sermon here!)

“We must obey God rather than men” 29

What made Peter’s confession so strong was that behind this statement was a life of amazing adventure. Extraordinary adventure that seemed to follow these Apostles. All they did was live it out.

Obviously we have a pretty cool healing ministry happening when people from all around Jerusalem are bringing their sick to just fall under the shadow of Peter. That’s not normal. And it’s really not something we’re suppossed to shoot for today when we think of being extraordinary. (Though I must admit it would be pretty cool to do.)

After the guys were imprisoned for this extraordinary ministry, “an angel of the Lord opened the prison doors and brought them out, and said, “Go and stand in the temple and speak to the people all the words of this Life.”

So, they did.

The next day the Apostles find themselves again in front of the council. Mr. BigShot councilman says, “I told you plainly not to teach in THIS NAME…” That’s when Peter gives us these words that mark the line between ordinary and extraordinary.

You see the ordinary response from most of us would be… “Well, gosh, if they don’t want me saying the name of Jesus outloud, maybe I should find a more subtle way to express my beliefs.” I say ordinary because that’s so what we would expect today. That’ how we respond. That’s probably exactly what I would have done. I mean these are powerful people telling me what to say and not say. But not the extraordinary Peter.

So, check out verse 42, “And every day, in the temple and from house to house, they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ.”


That’s the extraordinary life. It’s not about shadows that heal, or standing before the powerful leaders and getting all up in their face about your beliefs. It’s not about miracles and amazing things that make you say, WOW. No, it’s about being about Jesus! Seriously, that’s it. That’s the extraordinary life.

For the apostles, to “obey God, rather than man” meant to preach and teach Jesus Christ. It was more than a Sunday morning declaration, it was a way of living.

Did it cost them something? Um…yeah. v40.

What’s the extraordinary life look like for you today? I’m just sayin

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Ordinary or Extraordinary

  1. Alice Irwin

    Pastor Mark,

    Great idea to create a blog! I’m working on my Titus 2 memorization. (Preparation for the extraordinary life?) The verse is posted on our refrigerator and both bathroom mirrors. I hope we will continue to have scripture memorization to add to our “tools” for everyday living.

    Please tell me again what version of the bible you are using. I know you have told us during service, and I thought you said ESV, but they didn’t have any of that version at Barnes & Noble when I checked last week. I have an old bible to which I am very attached, but for worship I would like to have the same version that you use.

    Just a bit of gentle feedback – I miss having the scriptures projected during the service. Everyone has their own worship style…



  2. Pastor Mark,

    Great site! does this mean i am the second to respond? Alice, you put us all to shame! oops, no guilt intended. Glad you are such an encouragement to our Pastor!

    As we were trying to recite from memory our verses yesterday, it dawned on me that perhaps a non-family member would be a great accountability partner in this assignment. Therefore, i turned to my new friend Susan, sitting directly behind me, we exchanged phone numbers and plan to do just that!

    Wanted to share this “God moment” with you and Grace Family.


  3. Terrilyn Miller

    Well, It is the middle of July and I am just getting to my e-mails (all 400 of them!) … I am always amazed about God;s timing in each of our lives … I NEEDED to read this TODAY!

    Thank you for the reminder of the simplicity of our call!

    Pastor Mark you say it so well, “it’s about being about Jesus! Seriously, that’s it.”

    Now isn’t that “extraordinary”? Simple yet extraordinary!!! 🙂

    Blessing to all,

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