Book Review: The Noticer

As part of a program through Thomas Nelson Publishers, I get to review books.  Here’s my first installment:

The Noticer, by Andy Andrews

Engaging, entertaining, and especially…encouraging. The definition for encouraging is “to inspire with courage”.  In his book, The Noticer, Andy Andrews tells his personal story in such a way as to inspire with courage.  The fun part of the book is determining where his personal story leaves off and a good dose of fiction kicks in.  The old man that found Andrews under the pier that day was named “Jones, not Mr. Jones”.  Jones pops in and out of town throughout the story each time bringing hope to hopeless situations.  The beauty of the book is not that he brings anything new, he simply brings perspective.

What an enjoyable ‘summer-time’ read.  As Jones offers practical insight and perspective to the young wanderer, the reader feels as though his own questions might be answered. Secretly we all would love to have Jones come and offer insight that we have missed.  In life, we need others to help us see what we can no longer see.  Like many characters in the storyline, we find ourselves in situations that we never planned and without any hints that change is even possible.  Perspective is wisdom with eyes.  It’s good to have another set of eyes looking on our story. Get the book, read the stories. Find some perspective.

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