Back at it!

It has been pretty quiet in my blog world for the past couple of weeks. I got hit with the bug pretty good. As of today, Laurie and I are both feeling much better. It’s been good to be at the office most of the day to start catching up.

I’ve really missed being around the people of Grace these past couple of Sundays. Both weeks, I came in and preached and ducked out so as not to contaminate any of you nice people. Well, that’s done with for now. I can’t wait to see you on Sunday and catch up some.

This week I’ll be speaking from John 15. Go ahead and read up a little, that’ll help.

It’s a gorgeous day here in Flag, and we’re expecting a quick visit with Leonard and Susie. Hopefully tomorrow we can drive up the mountain and see some of the colors of fall!

I hope you’re able to enjoy this colorful season as well. Can’t wait to see you at Grace on Sunday.

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