Pay it forward

Yesterday we looked at John 15:12-17 to gain an understanding of Jesus’ command to love each other.  In our Grace Group last night the discussion turned to ways we can love those near us that often get passed by in our busyness.  Laurie and I shared our recent experience of being so blessed by a couple of meals when we were both sick for a few days.

It is uncommon for us to both have the cruds at the same, but we did, and it wasn’t pretty.  Two different families of Grace offered to bring us meals, on the same day.  It was awesome!  As we retold the story last night, we realized how effective that jesture of love really was for us.  We actually began to feel much better physically after this show of love and support was so clearly demonstrated.  The food was amazing, homemade soups, desserts, the whole deal.  But what made such an impact on us was the generous love.  Laurie went on to tell how she almost immediately wanted to go and do the same thing for someone, simply because of what it did for her.  And so she did.

As we discuss our intentions to graciously and intentionally demonstrate God’s unconditional love to those nearest us, think of how you have been blessed.  How have you seen sacrificial love evidenced in your circle?  Whatever that is, it might be a good way to pass it on to someone in your life that is just longing for the same.  I’m pretty sure as God prompts you to bless someone, that person has a real need and is open to God’s message of love through you!  Remember from yesterday, love is a sacrifice, a willingness to pay the price.  I can’t wait to hear more stories of God’s people loving all over each other!  Remember, “by this will they know you are my disciples.”  That’s the point.  We’re His!  Let’s do this.

One more quick thought for this Monday. Tonight I’m starting our next class.  This one is “How to Study the Bible”.  This is a 4-week course on hermeneutics, how we interpret the Bible for clear, accurate understanding.  Remember, when God have us the Bible, it was to be understood.  It can happen.  Come and join me tonight at the Ministry Center at 6:30.  The $5 cost covers handouts for the 4 weeks.  DO NOT let a mere 5 bucks keep you from learning one of the most important things you’ll need as you follow Christ.  If you’re broke, come anyway, I’ll spot you the five.  I really want to see a bunch of you get this material!

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