Okay. Here we go. The week of thanksgiving is upon us.  I know, I know, it’s all predictable and everything, but seriously, we have much to be thankful for, and we need to give thanks.

Giving thanks seems a bit different than merely saying thanks.  It’s easy to say thanks. Especially right after we’ve somehow been motivated.  Someone gives you something, you say thanks. Someone holds the door, say thanks.  The last cookie is offered to you, you better say thanks, and maybe break it in half!

But to ‘give’ thanks takes a little more thought. And it shouldn’t be limited by the season.  Giving thanks is like going out of your way to ‘say’ thanks.  Don’t just say thanks for the obvious right in front of you, the open door, the cookie (half). Think and consider what you have, what you are blessed by and then go out of your way to give the thanks to whom it is due.

I want to give God thanks. For a lot of things.  My wife, my family heritage, my faith, my church family, my town, my struggles, my friends, staff, neighbors, my health, my home.  I want to especially give Him thanks for bringing 8 people to Himself this week.  Eight people that are now in a personal relationship with God all because of His great love for them.  Like me, none of the eight deserve this gift they received, they couldn’t buy it, couldn’t work long enough or hard enough to earn it. But because of Jesus, they have it.  And so do I. For that I’m most thankful.

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