Good News Bad News

Good news: The doctor said, “that’s about the smallest cancer I’ve ever seen”.

Bad news: That little piece of cancer is inside my wife.

Laurie and I had a visit with an oncologist this past Friday.  He is very optimistic based on the size and location of the cancer.  Laurie will have one more surgery to see if there has been any spreading.  Then she’ll probably proceed with a recommended radiation treatment.  We too are hopeful and confident based on information we’ve received and based on our trust in God and His great love for us. That great love does not translate into a trouble-free life or an instant on-the-spot healing. It’s based on God and His goodness. He is good.  Whether in life or death, health or sickness.  We’re on a new journey, and we’re as ready as we know to be.  We continue to thank God for allowing this to be seen so early.

Here’s Laurie’s take on it as she reflects on church yesterday:

3 thoughts on “Good News Bad News

  1. Danny and Amanda Finney

    This type of news is so disheartening, but we are eager to see the way God uses it. His lovingkindness endures forever. We are praying for you.

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