Grace Unplugged

What an amazing week. I’m not clear on the total amounts of snow reported, but let’s just say a lot! Last night we needed to make a visit to the hospital, so while we were out, we drove by Bookmans and saw the fallen roof. We also drove by our Ministry Center and saw a broken street sign and piles and piles of snow that had been shoveled off the roof (thankfully!).

It’s been beautiful and dangerous all at the same time. Our life with Christ is somewhat like that. Beautiful because of His grace and kindness, and dangerous because we bear His light in a dark world. We are called to love God, love one another and love our neighbor. Times like these give us ample opportunities.

Tomorrow will be somewhat unique at Grace. It’s been a few years since our last ‘Grace Unplugged’. We will all be together in the auditorium, no children’s ministry, and we’ll have an acoustic worship set, no equipment set up. Our trailers are buried as I’m sure the loading doors to the school are as well. Our guys will arrive and get the parking lot and sidewalk ready for you.

This will be a unique service for our church family to gather and pray for one another and for our community and hear from God’s precious Word.  Come expecting.

2 thoughts on “Grace Unplugged

  1. Duane Jameson

    Truly enjoyed Grace unplugged! What a wonderful way to end a long hard week and begin a week that has so much opportunity. I will do my best to:
    Be strong and courageous
    Never be frightened
    and not be dismayed
    and be grateful that the Lord is with me where ever I go

    I think I got that right, but we’ll see. My best to everyone and prayers to those in need.
    Duane Jameson

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