Because of the Resurrection…

I think I lost some people by hiding this question in a post with other items.

Very simply, I’d love to add your words here:  “Because Jesus rose from the dead…”  Fill in the dot dot dot.  Use a word or two, or a few sentences. Thanks for your input.

24 thoughts on “Because of the Resurrection…

  1. mateo

    There is hope for every person in the world that accepts Him! Thank you Lord for giving me eternal life after this vapor on earth!

    1. Donna

      I can face whatever tomorrow holds, knowing that He will not bring more into my life than I can handle. He is there to carry me through it. I praise Him for His never failing provision for me in spite of all my failures. Because of the resurrection there is peace.

  2. Thanks to you first 20 people. I love this exercise. I may or may not use this in my sermon tomorrow. Thank you for your input. It really is amazing what the resurrection of Jesus did for us.

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