Grace Gives

I’m pretty jazzed about preaching John tomorrow. I really don’t want to finish this book because it’s been such an amazing study on the Gospel of Grace!  Yet, I’m excited because of how it finishes.  Really comes down to two words.  Follow Me.  Many of you have, most of you will be challenged to take the next step in following Jesus.

Tomorrow we’re launching “Grace Gives”.  I really can’t wait to invite our entire church family to give freely of the grace that we’ve received.  This is going to be huge.

Thanks Lord for giving us Your Word and Your Mission!  We are free to live in grace and pass it on to others as well.

2 thoughts on “Grace Gives

    1. Hey Amanda, thanks for asking. We’re launching 3 community service initiatives. We had an amazing response after church of people signing up to serve these different areas within Flagstaff over the next few months. Pretty jazzed about it.

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