Today, we say ‘see ya later’

Tough day. Glorious day. I dunno, you pick. Life with Jesus is awesome. Death on this planet sucks. I hate goodbyes. In just a bit, we’ll see Zac’s ‘earthly tent’ go in the ground. But we all know with clear confidence that on Sunday afternoon, Zac said ‘hey’ to Jesus, face to face. Seriously. And because of that, we do what we do. Tell as many people as possible that Jesus makes that gift available.

If you haven’t seen this for awhile, go ahead and take a look.

Can’t wait to see Jesus, face to face. Until then, to God be the glory.

3 thoughts on “Today, we say ‘see ya later’

  1. Martha

    I will be praying for Zacs family. Mark, I cannot imagine what you must be going through right now. You have always been such an inspiration to me.

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