Testimonies of Grace

This Sunday night is our first ever “Thanksgiving Service”.  We’ll meet at 5:30 for about an hour.  As we’re planning this, it’s hard to believe we’ve NOT been doing this before.  Mark it down- new tradition!

Would YOU like to participate?  During the service most will have an opportunity to express in small groups what they are thankful to God for during this season.  I also will have a limited number of testimonies given from the stage.  I’d like to have one of you that reads my blog give your testimony.  So here’s how this will go: If you’d like to give your testimony in 3 minutes, then send an email to pmarksblog@gmail.com with your story and I’ll prayerfully pick ONE.  And yes, I may introduce you as the Blog winner! But probably not.  Sorry I can’t have all of you share, but it’s a time thing!  That’s why you’ll probably have time during the service to share with one another.  Ok, go. Make it short and honoring to Jesus!

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