Observations of a false teacher…

From our study in 2 Peter, I put a challenge out to our Grace Groups to make simple ‘observations’ from the first few verses on the false teacher.  Here’s what I came up with.

What’s said of the false teachers? V1-3

  • Similar to false prophets of OT
  • They WILL be among the church; sneak in
  • They will operate secretly; deceiving
  • They will bring in destructive heresies; this isn’t light stuff.
  • They will deny Jesus (Christological confusion at best)
  • They will bring destruction
    • Upon themselves
    • Swiftly
  • They will be sensual; sexuality is exploited and perverted
  • Others will follow their sensuality
  • The truth will be blasphemed; truth takes a back seat to subjectivity, or experience
  • They are greedy; never enough
  • They will exploit the church
  • They will lie; like Satan, the father of lies, the propagator
  • Condemnation awaits them
  • Destruction is in front of them

Go here to listen to the sermon and follow along with the Grace Group notes.

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