Serving Sinagua

Tomorrow our church is taking a portion of our normal worship service to serve the school that we have been meeting in for almost 18 years.  It’s amazing to me to think of how long God has allowed us to meet in this place.

As I was preparing for my message tomorrow, I was reminded that as we serve the school tomorrow we’re serving God and people. Sinagua is not a building. It’s people. Many of them may not be followers of Jesus, but they are people He created. People He loves.  So, we’ll be serving Him and His purposes by taking some time to wipe down some shelves, move some desks and do some clean up work.  I can’t wait.

If you’re a Gracer, here’s the plan for tomorrow:

Come to church and get a good seat. I suggest 9:50.  It’ll be packed tomorrow. There is no children’s ministry or nursery. EVERYONE will be together for our worship and teaching and serving! We will shorten the service significantly so we can jump right in and get to work on some basic projects around the school. We will then gather and finish our time together with lunch.

  • Come at 9:50
  • Everyone will be together in the service
  • Wear your work clothes
  • Worship will start right @ 10
  • I’ll be teaching a brief message
  • 10:35 we will be getting to our projects
  • There is something for everyone!
  • You will be encouraged to work together as a family
  • Lunch will be awesome, as always.
What a great way to serve God!  We get to bless Sinagua (remember, Sinagua is people, not a building!) And we get to work together, side by side, getting to know others in our church.

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