This Probably Matters Little

I’ve been a Facebook guy.  I really do enjoy staying in touch and following along. However, of my 800 friends, I may still hear from about 12.  I like to keep up with family, our church family, old friends, a couple buds from high school, and many from earlier ministry days.
I’ve also noticed in the past few weeks that I get more and more distracted with just looking around.
My responsibilities seem to be growing as our church grows. I love leading and serving alongside our staff, our elders and the many people I get to interact with on a weekly basis at Grace.  I’m also needing to give my best effort in a program I’m in at seminary. So I’m taking a break from Facebook for awhile. I really don’t think it matters to most. But I don’t want to appear non responsive, so this will post to Facebook. I’ve asked Laurie and my assistant, Cara, to keep on eye on Facebook for me.  I’ll try to not fall too much out of the social network world. For now, a break, short or long, is in order.
I will keep my Twitter active as it serves a better need for me.  You are welcome to follow along there:
My family is mostly connected through emails. My church gets emails, and this blog.

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