Standing Together

No one stands alone.  Grace Community is a pretty awesome church with a great history and an even greater future.

Today, is August 1st and serves to remind me that Pastor Jason Goodman and his awesome family joined us one year ago today.  We are blessed to have a Worship Pastor and the many things he does to help the team. I was reminded also that in just a few days Pastor Bob and Tami celebrate 10 years at Grace.  Pastor Bob started GSM while  also giving pastoral oversight to our Children’s ministry.  Along with being a close Associate for me, he most recently has developed and implemented our Discipleship ministry.  Tim Serrano joined our team as an intern 4 years ago this month. He now is the Director for all our Student Ministries, and doing an amazing job!  So, it looks like August is a good month to celebrate this beautiful team I get to work with in serving Grace.

Tami serves us in the front office and oversees most office needs.  Paula is our newest addition, she serves as our Children’s Ministry Director and Ministry Assistant for me.

So, you can see none of us stands alone.  You that are a part of the Grace Community family, pray for your staff and go ahead and encourage them when you get a chance.  I know I will!

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