My last Saturday

At this place. 

For the past 7 1/2 years, this has been home for the Grace offices and ministry center. 


I’m thankful the Lord has had a place for us and we have been able to see a lot of lives affected and changed right here in this building. With the students of GSM that meet here, the men’s and women’s groups, Bible studies, discipleship groups, classes, prayer meetings, the worship rehearsals, the countless elder and staff meetings, the special meetings we’ve had, there are many great memories here. Remember those few times we had to actually meet here for our Sunday services?  Seems like we did that twice.  Pretty awesome!  God’s people have had a place to do ministry and for that we’re all grateful. But it’s time to clear out and make more memories at the next address.  

ImageMost Saturday’s I’ve been here in this quiet room.  No matter how busy or hectic the week has been, I’ve found a place to be still and get my mind and heart ready for the weekly celebration we call “church”.  I know God has much more in store for Grace with our new place and a season while we continue to shop for a place to buy. In the midst of packing I’m encouraged that we are HIS people, no matter our address, no matter if we rent or buy. We are His, our identity is in Jesus, not an address.  Thanks to all of you who have worked hard to bless the body of Grace Community Church. 

A week from today is our huge “moving day”.  Yes, we need your help!  What’s that saying, ‘many hands…’?

Keep praying for your church!  

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