The Truth behind Giving Thanks

My house is full of family and there are about 7 different conversations going on and a few singing and a game is being played and pictures are being shared and others are in the kitchen grazing.


We had a great thanksgiving day with all the traditional treats and accompanying stresses of hurrying up and saying hellos and goodbyes all too quickly.  Thanks for all who came and shared the day together.

I woke up this morning feeling lousy. Like sick. I probably won’t die of this, but just enough of a sore throat to keep me somewhat isolated and careful at best. So, here I sit in the other room, listening and checking in with you.

Like some, Laurie and I have a pretty quiet home. For whatever reasons the Lord never gave us children. We love the extended families that we share. But there’s nothing like family actually filling the house. IMG_4679Thanksgiving 2015

Our hearts are full.

Laurie would say that too, but now she’s busy playing Christmas songs accompanying a few of the sibs.  All is good. Truth is, it’s always good because God is good and His gifts are good. Somedays we get to live in the awareness of His goodness more than others. So, with grateful hearts, let’s never tire of saying Thanks. To God. To each other.

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