Personal Updates

This is the week we were scheduled to be in Israel.  Back in August at a deadline, we found ourselves just a little shy of the necessary number to form a group.  Laurie and I totally trust God with such details, but we were and still are a little disappointed. Another time. Soon, I hope. I would love to return and take a group from Grace and other friends.

I’m loving our two services that we started on October 1.  I’ll look up some stats and give a report, but overall I think it’s been a very healthy move for us.  I love watching people serve and engage with each other so well. I’ve absolutely loved meeting guests each week!

The new pup is 4 months old! I was going to say, “already”, like what you say when it’s going fast. It’s not going fast. He’s a puppy. All puppy. All boy. All lab. We’re working at it. Laurie says he’s smart. I say, “I sure hope so, because I’m starting to wonder.”

Have a great week.



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