Honestly, social media, like Facebook have kind of changed how we see blogs. I get it. I do. There are many times I think, “Oh that would be a healthy thing to share”. But then I share a small snippet on social media, or I freeze between the options and write nothing.

I thought of that last week as I went to a funeral of a dear friend and mentor, then later that same day I learned of a young man (ok, younger to me:) that had suddenly passed away.

So, today, I’m jumping on just to ramble for a bit.

Today, my younger sister would have turned 60. She’s in heaven now, so 60 means nothing to her. We were always “twins for a week” before my next birthday changed it back to me being the older one.

Fall is funny that way. A time for birthdays and a time to celebrate the beauty of another changing season. I love fall because I can see the vivid colors and appreciate the final hope of mild weather. All that will change very soon.

Here’s a video the nice people of fb put together for me.

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