Grateful for the Lord’s Kindness

“Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds” James 1:2

Last Friday evening I was doubled over in pain for a few hours before a trip to the ER at FMC. By noon the next day, I was in surgery having my gall bladder removed.  I learned it’s perhaps one of the most common surgeries at the hospital.  I’m sure I’ve heard of others having gone through it before, but honestly you just don’t give it much thought until it’s your turn. I won’t bore the reader with the predictable descriptions of pain and the challenge of patience, waiting for my number in the ER.  What I simply want to say is how grateful I am for the entire event.

No, not the pain. Didn’t ask for or enjoy that. Yet, it’s what alerts the attention to take care of something before it worsens, so yeah, I guess I am thankful for that part of the story.

After the pain meds got to work and before I learned what the issue and remedy would be, I was amazed at how nice everyone was.  From the people that take your information to the nurse that begins the vitals and history.  The attendants in my ER room for several hours including the surgeon on call who kindly came in and explained what was going on how it would play out, the entire staff of people were spot on.  They were aware of me and the mess I was in. They expressed empathy while administrating professionally.  I experienced several firsts during the event. My first sonogram, my first actual hospital stay and of course my first meeting of the many different nurses, doctors, surgeons and others whom I don’t quite know the correct terms or initials.  All kind. All helpful.

As I lay there between ‘draws’ and resting, I thought of so many people working together to meet my need.  I doubt they all even know each other, but each had a role, and each did it well.

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thes 5:18

The reason for this post is to say thanks. To thank God for a great doctor who recommended I go immediately to the ER without knowing what we were looking at. An amazing wife who took over all that night and the following week to make sure meds were taken and help me avoid the tendency to get going too quickly.  Grateful for my surgeon and her assistant, the day shift, the night shift, the ones I learned were new to FMC and the neighbor who’s been helping people for many years.

As a pastor I’ve spent plenty of time in the hallways and waiting rooms and bedsides of Flagstaff Medical Center, but as a patient, I must say I again was proud of my town, my people. First class care.

Two lessons learned:

  1. We all need each other.
  2. It takes all of us working together.

In addition, let me simply say a huge thanks for my Grace Church family for their prayers, cards, emails, texts, and the meals provided.  Very few are on my list of who to call on a Saturday to preach on Sunday. Thank you to my friend and colleague, Brian. 

I’m looking forward to joining with my people at Grace tomorrow.  Thank You, Lord for the experience and Your grace and favor in the outcomes. 

3 thoughts on “Grateful for the Lord’s Kindness

  1. So glad you’re doing well pastor Mark! You’ve been on my mind all week. Praying for you! I agree FMC is a wonderful bunch of people like a fine oiled machine in the way they truly care for people.

  2. Matthew Evans

    Praise God Bro! I am thankful you are the mend! Love ya Brother! Give your bride our best!! Strength and Courage my brother! Matt

  3. Pat and John Sterner, Jr.

    “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds” That is so true, We have claimed that very verse for this year and knowing JOY is different than Happy. God is good. Get well soon Brother,

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