Of preaching and pie

Yesterday I began my sermon with four things I really like. We had just baptized three individuals with beautiful stories of grace written all over them. So I said, “there are four things I really like: baptisms (whether I’m the one dunking or not), seeing people saved (whether I’m leading or not), preaching, and pie.” Not always in that order!

Before the day was over I experienced all four!
I preached one of those unusual sermons that pastors love to preach.  You can read more about it tomorrow.  Or you can hear it here and see the notes.

Before the service was over we saw 3 people stand and confess Jesus as Savior and Lord! It was awesome. Our church exploded in applause. As did heaven’s angels.

And because God is awesome and actually created us to laugh and enjoy pie, later that afternoon Laurie and I joined up with one of our fabulous Grace Groups and they offered PIE!  There you go. Day complete. I can go home now.


October, rough month for blogging

Not sure how that happened, but I just noticed I wrote one time all of last month. I won’t try to catch up now, not all at once.
This Sunday at Grace we’re baptizing some amazing people who will share their story via video. I just LOVE our baptisms! People standing for Jesus!

We’re also at week three in our study in Ephesians. If you can, read the rest of Chapter one in prep for Sunday.

On a personal note:
Laurie’s grandma passed away last week in Three Rivers, CA. This past summer, we were able to stop in one afternoon for a sweet visit with this godly woman. I’m glad Laurie was able to go for the memorial service yesterday and spend some time with her mom and other relatives. She’ll be back tomorrow afternoon, for which I’m most anxious.