Let’s pray together

This Sunday is Resurrection Sunday, aka Easter. But then so is every Sunday really. We worship God as a church on Sunday because of the resurrection on Sunday.  Yet, we all know this Sunday is a day that more churches will have more guests than usual.  So, let’s enjoy it. Let’s be ready.

I’ve asked the people of Grace to pray/invite/welcome. Pray for opportunities to invite someone to church. Then take the opportunities God gives you. Invite them. Say the words. They won’t bite. They may reject. Probably won’t even laugh. But there are some that are just waiting for you to invite them. Then everyone reach out and welcome people at church on Sunday. Again, like you do every week!

I want to pray for and with you. If you’ll post a comment, I’ll join you in praying for your friend. Together, let’s pray that this week, though it really is just another week, will be special for someone who will come because they were invited and they will have their life changed because of Jesus. Okay? Let’s do this together. Alright, go…

Who’s waiting to be asked?

I read the other day that 30% of people would go to church with you on Easter if they were just asked. Wow. Think about it. Almost one of three are simply waiting for a personal, thoughtful invitation. In 12 days we celebrate the biggest deal of all time. We like to call it a Resurrection Celebration. Truth is, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus every Sunday. But, I’m glad we set aside one day to remember and share this amazing truth with as many as possible.

Here’s what you do. Make a list of 10 people you’d like to invite. Pray for them. Pray that they’d be open and ready. Be intentional about inviting them. Do it over the back fence, or over the little wall that separates your desks. Maybe send them a “happy Easter’ card now, inviting them to join you for church and lunch. This isn’t complicated. Not necessarily easy either. But really, we have the greatest news on the planet and we have a special day to highlight the central truth of our faith in Jesus as Lord and giver of life. So, whether you attend Grace with me or you’re in a different church, let’s invite someone to come alongside as we follow Jesus!