Let’s pray together

This Sunday is Resurrection Sunday, aka Easter. But then so is every Sunday really. We worship God as a church on Sunday because of the resurrection on Sunday.  Yet, we all know this Sunday is a day that more churches will have more guests than usual.  So, let’s enjoy it. Let’s be ready.

I’ve asked the people of Grace to pray/invite/welcome. Pray for opportunities to invite someone to church. Then take the opportunities God gives you. Invite them. Say the words. They won’t bite. They may reject. Probably won’t even laugh. But there are some that are just waiting for you to invite them. Then everyone reach out and welcome people at church on Sunday. Again, like you do every week!

I want to pray for and with you. If you’ll post a comment, I’ll join you in praying for your friend. Together, let’s pray that this week, though it really is just another week, will be special for someone who will come because they were invited and they will have their life changed because of Jesus. Okay? Let’s do this together. Alright, go…

2 thoughts on “Let’s pray together

  1. Trudy Serrano

    Pastor Mark,
    Please pray that as I clean for people this week, I will have an opportunity to witness to these people and that maybe they will be home and or come home while I am cleaning so I can invite them to the service. They all know I am a Christian.. Also I am praying for your nephew Zack, how is he? You and Laurie are in my prayers. And my mom is choosing to spend Easter alone this year, she could use prayer also, I know she is lonely her name is Joyce. Thank You! Blessed be the name of the Lord!
    Sincerely, Trudy Serrano

    1. Thanks Trudy. Love your heart for the people you work for. Will pray for you throughout this week. Zac is hanging in there. If you’ve not followed his blog, that’s how we keep up with him. It’s on the top right of this page. Also praying for your mom.

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