It is Well!

One of my recent favorite worship albums is AWAKE from North Point Live.  I love the classic song It is Well with a beautiful chorus added.  You can get it here. It’s worth the buck. Actually the whole album is good.

There are plenty of things to get us distracted and feeling overwhelmed, like pretty much everyday.  But the truth is, in the hands of our loving God, “it’s all good”. (That’s the new lingo for it is well.)

I don’t know how much you enjoy good music, but I’m an avid listener to a variety of music. Worship music does its job when I listen and am encouraged, or challenged, or simply in awe of God and His greatness.  I recently retweeted a great statement made by a worship leader, “gotta give props to God for creating MUSIC…He could have kept it for heaven, but He knew we needed a little teaser here on earth”.  Agreed!

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