Great California Adventure

During our long weekend away, we’ve had a great time in California. Thanks to a very sweet new friend, Helen, we were able to enjoy Disneyland on Friday with my sister’s family. They have what’s called a park hopper where you can go back and forth from Disneyland to California Adventure. Perhaps it will take a forthcoming post to review our time at Disneyland.

We also had something of a church hopper pass where we visited 3 different churches during our brief stay. Each church is doing an amazing job for their community. There were some similarities with the churches we went to, and some definite differences. Yet, I walked away from each thankful to God for what they are doing for the coming Kingdom. These people love Jesus, have a commitment to God’s amazing Word, and are sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading within their church and community.

As much as I miss being at home with my family at Grace, it was a great experience worshipping alongside other churches while on our brief vacation. There are things I learn, ideas I pick up, and ways I see God working beyond my own familiarity. Isn’t God good? Thank you Lord for the ways you use your people to honor You!

And now for that drive from the ocean, across the desert to our mountain home.

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