Let’s Pray Tonight

Grace Community is meeting tonight at 6:30 at the ministry center for a special “call-to-prayer”. I am praying already that it will be a sweet and affirming time of coming before the Lord with our worship, our burden, our need, and our will.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Pray Tonight

  1. Duane Jameson

    Pastor Mark,
    I will do what I can to attend to tonight. After reading the Fresh Wind Fresh Fire book and bearing witness to all that God has done in my life I am a firm believer that prayer essential. I’ve never done any kind of group praying, other than family gatherings, so I hope I can get there tonight and open the door to something new.

  2. Dee Washington

    Pastor Mark,

    I have to check into the sleep clinic tonight so I cannot attend. I will be in my observation room praying with you all in Spirit.

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