Dating Again

Last week in a wedding I performed, I challenged the couple to continue to get to know each other. To know each other’s ‘stuff’. What makes you happy, what are you thinking about, how are you doing? Dudes, we have to work at that. And we should. You’re not a sissy if you talk from your heart and to your wife’s heart. You’re more of a man than the guy that won’t.

Last night we got to go out for dinner. We don’t do it a lot. I’m glad we don’t. But I love it when we get to. Going out for dinner is still a treat for us. We don’t have to go out, we have food in the fridge. But, after a great productive day, how nice it is to clean up, put on a shirt that doesn’t have a sports team logo and go out. Try going to a place that uses silverware and cloth napkins. Go out, spend a few dollars and look at each other. Listen to each other’s heart. Treat her like you did when you were trying to win her heart.

I’m not about to write a book about marriage or dating, or heart stuff. But, I’m in the game. I love my wife and I love spending time with her. Whether it’s at home or out on the date. Make it real you guys. Live in the moment with the one God has blessed you with.

One thought on “Dating Again

  1. Bill Myers

    Pastor Mark,

    Thank you! We can never be reminded of this often enough. It so touched my heart that I couldn’t wait to share it with my son and my three son-in-laws. (2 on board and 1 to be in March.

    Thanks again,

    Wild Bill (not so wild anymore)

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