Holy Anticipation

I’m in my office on a Saturday morning going over notes for tomorrow, cleaning up the place, and…oh yeah, listening to the Grace Worship Team rehearsing for tomorrow. As I’m listening to them, I’m thinking of tomorrow morning at Grace. I’m anticipating God’s blessings on His people as we come together FOR Him. I’m picturing hundreds of people lifting their voices and some even their hands as we worship God as His holy community. We are HIS. He’s our Abba, our God, our Saviour, our Life-giver, and our Friend.

Whether you attend Grace on Sunday or your church in your community, do you go with a sense of anticipation? Here are some thoughts to help you get ready for the holy gathering of the community:

  • Lord, what will you teach me about YOU?
  • Who will I see tomorrow that needs a fresh look at YOU, someone I can love and encourage?
  • What will I learn from your WORD?
  • How can you use ME to bless someone else in this holy community?
  • Who will be there tomorrow for the first time, seeking YOU?
  • Who will be there hanging on by a thread, needing more of YOU?
  • Lord, what can I give you?
  • Lord teach me your ways.
  • Lord show me your glory.
  • Lord, bless our holy gathering.
  • Lord, may I be rested and thoughtful as I approach this sacred moment.

I seriously can’t wait to gather with God’s people and our many guests to see what He’s got in store for us as we bring our offering of praise to Him. To the only wise God be glory forevermore through Jesus Christ! Amen.

Rom 16:27
to the only wise God be glory forevermore through Jesus Chris

2 thoughts on “Holy Anticipation

  1. Eric Hanson

    Dude, Mark, how long have you had this shnazzy blog. If it’s been longer than one week you can smack me. But Im glad I came across this. It’s rare, and beautiful, to see a group of people you actually LONG to be with. That’s a good sign. How many churches can say that? Love you guys.
    Miss you all from Florida
    Eric Hanson

  2. Alice Irwin

    Many thanks for the reminder of what Sunday should be about. It’s easy to get caught up in the routine – get up, clean up, show up hopefully on time. I find it easy forget why I am really in church. That’s one of the reasons I like Grace’s casual dress – because getting ready for church isn’t as much of a production as it used to be for me when it required a dress, heels, and stockings.

    Tomorrow I’m going to make a point to be aware of what I can be taught, whose life I might possibly be able to enrich, and how fortunate I am to be able to worship at Grace.


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