Even the smallest blessings

The front passenger tire had a slow leak.  Stopped by the tire place and was told it would be about 30 minutes.  So I made use of the coke machine and sat down with my iphone to twitter away the 30 minutes.  I realized how little of an inconvienience this was. There have been times when I’d be irritated to be told to wait for 30 minutes. But now I have this great little tool that can keep me busy for a long while.

The other small benefit was the guy has espn on and I was able to multitask and get somewhat caught up on sports news that I’ve missed lately.  I was surprised to see Edgerrin James may be on his way to Seattle.  I’ve been ‘out of the loop’ so this was news to me.

Then when I went to go pay for the repair I was told those coveted words, “no charge Mr. Smith”.  Huh?  “You bought your tires here, so, no charge.”  Sweet.  It’s not their fault a screw wound up in my tire.  But what a nice policy.

You know, sometimes it’s the small things that remind us that really, it’s gonna be alright.  I’ll have much larger issues to deal with soon enough. For now, well… ‘thanks Lord for the tire man’s policy and for the orange soda and for espn and for time to mess with my iphone.’  Amen.

2 thoughts on “Even the smallest blessings

  1. A. Foxe

    Right on, P Mark. I always hesitate to say a prayer like “thanks for this starbucks drink and the hour I spent on facebook today” because I feel like it exposes what a sick American shallow Christian I am….but the truth is, I really AM thankful for things like that! And it’s probably better to SAY it to God and express my thanks rather than just ignoring the fact that he has blessed me and being ingrateful! Naturally, the trick is to also be able to say thanks for the hard times, but I think I could stand to thank God a LOT more for the little things in my everyday charmed life. He has given me so much, I might as well say that I appreciate it, huh?! Nice.

  2. Duane

    Enjoyed your story here. I can recall many times in my past as well when I would be frustrated and upset about things. I try these day’s to look at why “what ever it is” is happening and see what I can get out of it, or whom I may meet along the journey. I forget the scripture its in, but I know there was a fellow riding a donkey that saw an angel stopping them. The man was so angry and frustrated he couldn’t see that God was protecting him from going forward. I see changes in my so coveted plans these day’s as angels directing me to a more prosperous path. At least I should say, I try to do that. I still make mistakes and can only look back and say, oh yeah, I should have listened to my donkey! Thanks for everything and we’ll see you soon.

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