Laurie’s Update

My wife had a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy today. She’s home now and we’re thankful for good docs. Because her previous surgery was less than a month ago, she’s a little tender and sore. Her mom joined us yesterday for the week. We’re so blessed and thankful for great family and a gracious church family. Thanks to all for support and prayers.
We expect to know sometime on Tuesday if any more cancer was found.
For now, we’re just thankful. Great to have her mom around. I’ll update as we learn more. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “Laurie’s Update

  1. kim durham

    hi mark

    we are praying for you guys.
    did not know any of this until today.
    we are praying and praying for wisdom and strength and patience. and trust!

    serving Him together

    kim for the durhams

  2. Duane Jameson

    Prayers out for both of you. I’m so thankful for God bring you both into my life through Grace and know that he is supporting you during this fearful time. God Bless you both and I’ll pray for it to work out with the best of outcomes for you.

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