Quick Update from Dr. Visit

On Laurie’s facebook page she wrote:

“We just returned from a great visit with Dr. Wesche (the excellent surgeon who did the recent biopsy/lumpectomy). The short version:

Two more DCIS were found in the lumpectomy tissue and some microinvasive cells with hormone receptors were found in the two sentinel nodes that were removed. (FYI: DCIS is a tumor that eventually turns into invasive cancer; microinvasive tumors are microscopic and ten years ago would not have been discovered at this stage.) The next step is to meet with the oncologists and form a plan of attack. At this point it looks like it will probably include radiation (localized) , as well as some chemo (systemic), but the details will be clarified after the oncologist appointments.

Thanks for your continued prayers. The Lord is obviously very near and meeting every need. We are trusting in Him, our Shield and Defender.”

Thanks to each of you for your prayers and encouragement. Laurie knows she’s loved and that so many dear friends are praying for her. Thanks.

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