Thanks, Emily

A few months ago I hired my first assistant.  Emily took on a new position and helped give it definition. She has been an amazing blessing to me and Grace. I’m very thankful to God that He sent her our way.

Seth and Emily were relatively new to Grace and she was looking for a part time job.  Just a couple of months into her new job Emily broke the news that they were moving back to the Show Low area where they both were raised. There she is taking on a new job at a local Christian school.

Last night we said good-bye. Though sad I’m loosing an excellent assistant, I have observed a few things during this time:

1. People do their best work when they’re using their talents for God and His purposes.

2. When we each do our part, we free up others to do their part as well. Kind of like a body.

3. It’s okay to take a risk when you’re trusting God.

Shortly after Emily announced they were moving I was asked if it was a mistake to hire someone I didn’t know that well. My immediate and confident response was “No. Look what I’ve learned in the process.”  And now I’d add, “Look at this wonderful family Laurie and I got to know.”

4. After some coaching and wise counsel from others in my profession, I learned the value of an assistant.  That was only confirmed once I took the leap and made the hire.

5. In a less dramatic fashion than Job’s experience, The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed is HIS name.  I gladly welcome my new assistant Nicole to the team.

Thanks, Emily.  Thanks for learning a new job that had little clarification on day one. Thanks for representing Jesus and His church so well. Thanks for assisting me in changing the world from Flagstaff.

2 thoughts on “Thanks, Emily

  1. Emily

    Pastor Mark,
    It was my pleasure and honor to serve you and Grace Community Church. What a blessing and a joy my job was on a daily basis! Loved getting to see God’s hand at work in so many ways. Lives were literally changed in your office!!! We serve an awesome God!
    So very thankful for the family we have in you and Laurie.
    I’ll go ahead and leave you with this…
    “Awesome! That’s great!!”

    In faith that you’ll change the world from Flagstaff,

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