Sunday to Sunday

Wow. I loved Father’s Day at Grace.  I loved that we honored dads. I loved that we prayed for the many that were out at that very hour fighting the fire that shut down Sinagua. And I loved that we had a place to meet for church.  I’ve gotta tell you I was pretty energized having three services on a Sunday morning.  Our attendance was down considerably, but WE DIDN’T HAVE TO CANCEL!  Praise God we could fit over 200 people in the Ministry Center throughout the morning.

A big shout out to the team that served our body that morning.  Many came early and stayed through all three services.  I think the Worship Team, the Levites, the Tech Team, Aaron and Matt could each retell the sermon better than I could by the third time.

Thanks, Grace, for being so gracious. We need to be ready for whatever the Lord has for us.

On a personal note: I’m taking a few days of what is called a study break.  A few days this week and a few next allows me the opportunity to be away from the office and pray, read and meditate on how God is leading me and Grace.  I’ll be back Thursday for a couple of appointments and will stay through the weekend before taking a few days next week to do the same.  I want you to know so you can pray for me. I love what I do, and I take it seriously.

After these couple of partial weeks, I’m going to take Laurie away and go find a vacation spot to rest together. No apologies, we all need some time away.  Make plans, take care of your family!

All that said, I’m so thankful for the guests we’ll have at Grace.  This week, we’ll get to meet Paul Wegner. Check it out here,

Can’t wait to see all of you on Sunday.  I’m looking forward to hearing Paul and worshiping with our Grace family!

4 thoughts on “Sunday to Sunday

  1. Sara K

    Glad to here you are blessed to have time to rest and refuel with time alone with God and Laurie. We will be praying for you and for God to bless this time and give you direction for your family and our church family. We are so thankful for all you do and your commitment to your church family and to Christ directions for us. “May God bless you and keep you, may his face shine upon you”

  2. Duane Jameson

    Awesome to read how the service was provided due to the circumstances. I hope you have a wonderful time getting away and will pray for you in your study time.

  3. Jeannie Leffew

    So glad you share with us and keep us connected. Thanks so much for all you all do. So blessed that you do take your work seriously. And praying God leads and guides you as you lead and guide the body according to His plan and not mans.

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