3 Services at Grace for Father’s Day

With the fire causing evacuations in the neighborhood, Grace will NOT be meeting at Sinagua. Instead, we will have 3 services at 9, 10 and 11 at the Grace Ministry Center (office) at 963 W. RT 66. If you’re a regular, maybe come to the 9 or 11 and give room for others at the regularly scheduled 10 a.m. service.
We’re praying for our firefighters and neighbors as we go through this difficult time.
Yet with all of that, we’re very excited we have a place to go for our time of worship and the teaching of the Word. Come expecting. Pray for what God may do in His creative ways.
And it is Father’s Day! I have something for the dads. If I were a dad, I’d be there. Just sayin!

Reminder: not sure about parking. I think we should be fine. If it’s too full, worse case is park over near Safeway lot and have a nice, short walk.  Looking forward to our time together.

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