God’s Reminders

I love how God leads us to remember. You know what I’m talking about. Sometimes it’s a verse of scripture. Sometimes an old song, or even a once familiar smell. And suddenly our minds go back in time to a different place.

Today, I got to thinking about Zac, my nephew who is with Jesus.

It’s Mandy’s birthday, and somehow that got me to click on the link to Zac’s blog that Mandy is keeping up.  I loved it. I love Mandy’s writing. I love that she is keeping his blog going b/c of all of his posts.  I love that under the ‘comment’ section I can learn more of Zac’s very wide influence through his story and his suffering.

I have great reminders today of a young man I loved and his desire to live it all for God, without hesitation and without apology.

Happy Birthday dear Amanda.

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