Psalm 151

Okay, I know you didn’t fall for that. There is no Psalm 151.  There are only 150 recorded in the OT book of Psalms.

Yesterday at Grace I spoke from Jonah chapter two, you can listen here.  Sometime after Jonah enjoyed the flight from the belly of the Big Fish to the shore, he sat down and, inspired by the Holy Spirit, wrote out what had just happened.  Apparently during the three days and three nights in the big boy’s belly, he had time to reflect and process just how awesome it was that God delivered him. In what I called a potential 151st psalm, Jonah gave God praise for the great thing He had done for him.  Like many of the psalms, we read about the despair of Jonah’s sin, the consequences of his actions and the Lord’s hand in a remarkable delivery. God is faithful as our sovereign Lord of all.  For that we praise Him.

Jonah recalled what happened and how God was sovereign over every detail.  After Jonah disobeyed and ran the other way as fast as possible, God allowed him to be tossed overboard and soon delivered by the really large fish. In Jonah’s psalm he says it was God who threw him overboard and the waves and billows that were messing with him, were all God’s.  So after the bad day at sea, Jonah looked back and saw God at work the whole time.

How about writing your own Psalm 151 as a praise to God for how He has worked in your life.  Remember, He invites us to be a part of His story.  So, take a few minutes. Think back on a time when you were really going through something hard. It may have been running from God, like Jonah, or simply a difficult time, like the death of a loved one, or loss of job.  During that time you may not have noticed God’s grace in the details, but afterwards it was more obvious that God never left you. He is sovereign over the mess of our lives and all the while loving us and inviting us to be a part of His amazing story of grace.

Think and pray about it. Write it out.  Feel free to use the ‘comment’ section below for your “not real long” psalm of praise. Or if you’d rather, you can email it to:

8 thoughts on “Psalm 151

  1. Laurie Smith

    Psalm 151
    by Laurie Smith
    June 8, 2010

    Thank You, Lord!
    Thank You for yucky stuff and for preparing me for it even before I see it coming.
    Thank You for walking through the deepest pain with me.
    Thank You for doing something about that thing You hate most, the ultimate pain, death, and for letting me in on the benefits of Your sacrifice in ways that I never would have imagined.
    Thank You for promising to defend me and provide all that I need just at the right time.
    Thank You for strength to live today with a fresh song.
    Thank You for the promise that I will get to look into your eyes someday. Can’t wait!
    Thank You, Lord, for holding me in Your righteous right hand.
    I love You.

  2. Kristy Davidson

    My Psalm 151

    When darkness seems to be closing in, Your Word reminds me “Do not fear”;
    When I have no one to talk to, I pray and You always hear;
    When I feel like losing hope, I read that You’ll wipe away every tear;
    And during my time of troubles, Lord, You are faithful.

    When I am lonely and want to cry, It’s then, Lord, that Your love fills me;
    When illness and pain fill my days, Your comfort and mercy I see;
    When I don’t have enough money, You provide just what I need, so generously,
    And in all my circumstances, Lord, You are faithful.

    Lord, You’re loving and gentle;
    You’re merciful and kind;
    Lord, You’re generous and good;
    And You are forever faithful.

  3. From Linda Beliveau:

    You have blessed me beyond reason, oh God.
    You have supplied all my needs and provided so many of my wants.
    How can I thank You enough for placing in my life
    this strong, faithful husband,
    and children that long to bring you glory?

    And now I sense that You have a place for me to fill,
    a word to speak, a stand to take.
    What is that, Lord?
    What do You have for me to do?

    Is there enough strength in me?
    Have I enough courage, enough knowledge, enough passion?
    Why am I filled with many questions and much doubt?
    Where is the conviction?

    Fill me with strength of character Lord, for You know it’s not in me.
    Be my God, reside in me, and conform me.
    Allow me to walk forward with confidence, to embrace what You are bringing to me.

  4. From Ann Bagdonas:

    My Lord, My God, I humbly come before you and give you thanks.
    You are God, creator of everything, including time.
    As you give and take away, I choose to trust you and give thanks to you for your timing.
    My soul finds rest knowing that you are in control.
    As the farmer cultivates the field, you are in every detail of my life.
    While there are many weeds and thorns, trials and warfare, thank you for the bountiful harvest that comes from having faith in You.

  5. I actually found this lookiing through my old journal. I wrote a little over two years ago after God had brought me out of a very tough time in my life.

    My Psalm

    In the twilight I wait for You
    In the Stillnight I search for You
    I call on Your name at midnight & praise Your name at dawn
    In You is my strength, my hope, my future.
    Where would I be if not for Your Love,
    If not for Your Grace, Your Mercy, Your Favor?

    You have called me and kept me from birth
    When I went astray, even for a moment, You held me and preserved me.
    You have given me a dream, my purpose, to sing of You forever;
    To play and write of Your grace, Jesus. It is You who gives and inspires the song.
    You relentlessly pursue my heart, I will relentlessly seek to know You more.
    In You is my confidence. In You nothing is impossible.

    Creator of the twilight, Master of the Stillnight
    You are serenity at midnight; Orchestrator of the dawn.

    Herbert Darius Thames

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