Psalm 151

Okay, I know you didn’t fall for that. There is no Psalm 151.  There are only 150 recorded in the OT book of Psalms.

Yesterday at Grace I spoke from Jonah chapter two, you can listen here.  Sometime after Jonah enjoyed the flight from the belly of the Big Fish to the shore, he sat down and, inspired by the Holy Spirit, wrote out what had just happened.  Apparently during the three days and three nights in the big boy’s belly, he had time to reflect and process just how awesome it was that God delivered him. In what I called a potential 151st psalm, Jonah gave God praise for the great thing He had done for him.  Like many of the psalms, we read about the despair of Jonah’s sin, the consequences of his actions and the Lord’s hand in a remarkable delivery. God is faithful as our sovereign Lord of all.  For that we praise Him.

Jonah recalled what happened and how God was sovereign over every detail.  After Jonah disobeyed and ran the other way as fast as possible, God allowed him to be tossed overboard and soon delivered by the really large fish. In Jonah’s psalm he says it was God who threw him overboard and the waves and billows that were messing with him, were all God’s.  So after the bad day at sea, Jonah looked back and saw God at work the whole time.

How about writing your own Psalm 151 as a praise to God for how He has worked in your life.  Remember, He invites us to be a part of His story.  So, take a few minutes. Think back on a time when you were really going through something hard. It may have been running from God, like Jonah, or simply a difficult time, like the death of a loved one, or loss of job.  During that time you may not have noticed God’s grace in the details, but afterwards it was more obvious that God never left you. He is sovereign over the mess of our lives and all the while loving us and inviting us to be a part of His amazing story of grace.

Think and pray about it. Write it out.  Feel free to use the ‘comment’ section below for your “not real long” psalm of praise. Or if you’d rather, you can email it to: