How gracious of the Lord to teach us to pray.  I guess He didn’t have to, but it only figures that He would, because He loves to hear from His kids!  We know the facts of prayer, yet most people I talk with still struggle with prayer.

We’ve spent two weeks studying prayer, as only Paul can teach it.  It started a few weeks ago as we looked at Ephesians 1:15-23. Then this past Sunday, we looked at Paul’s second prayer in Ephesians 3.  These passages have sparked some great conversations in Grace Groups throughout Flagstaff.  It’s simple really.  God wants us to spend some time, and thoughtful time at that, only because He loves us. Not because we are in some kind of a “I have to in order to…”. No. He loves us.  So, really let’s just pray. Don’t make a big deal of it. Talk to God. Often. He really doesn’t care if you’re driving, or walking, or washing the dog.  Talk to Him.

What you’ll learn in Ephesians is that He wants you to know what He’s done for you. Paul helps us see that prayer is way more than rattling off a list of things we’d like God to fix, remove or add to our current life.  No, it’s way more. It’s about realizing who we are IN CHRIST and what we can look forward to.

I did have two different people tell me this week of acronyms that help them:

PRAY: Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield

ACTS: Adoration, Confess, Thanksgiving, Supplication

For those that remember from the sermon, I guess it would be SACTS!  “Selah, before you speak!”

Hope that helps. Whatever it takes, let’s not be shy about talking to our Father.  I think He’d really like that.

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